Home Automation

Na Canunà is also trend and avantgarde.

All the apartments and the suites, in fact, are handled by the domotic system “Sweet Home”.


You can manage the Temperature in any room thanks to a comfortable i-pad Apple being in any apartment. Selecting, for instance, the thermometer icon, you can, with a simple “touch” , start the heating or the air conditioning in the area you prefer, keeping the ideal temperature, also thanking to a system of purification of the air.


But, if you can modify the temperature, obviously, you can also turn on and off the lights, simply choosing the wished room.

Selecting the blue eye icon, you are in modality “Automatic Home”: a system of presence detection in any room will let the lights turn on and off automatically after your passage, with the intent to save energy.

HOW TO DISACTIVATE THE AUTOMATIC HOME MODALITY DURING THE NIGHT HOURS: inside the bedrooms, next to any night table, there are some bottons which, once touched,

allow the turning on or the turning off of the lamps. If you leave your finger for some seconds, the presence detector will turn off, allowing, in that way, the automatic turning off of the ceiling.


Yes, sure, but getting relaxed is also important…

Why don’t you enjoy the cozyness of the couch, watching your favorite tv show? The provided i-pad can also become tv remote.


But I wanted to listen to the music… No problem!

Selecting the note icon, you can also listen to your favorite radio station!


Also beds are adjustable through the apposite function and the shadows can be as dark as you wish



What a bore! I forgot to close the door and I’m in my cozy bed already… no problem, you don’t have to get up! Clicking on the key, in the section of the darkner windows, you can open and close the entrance door: the locker will stay opened or closed, according to the command it receives.