Green Building

Na Canunà is green!

We really care about environment respect and it’s for that reason that the materials used for the builiding of the whole plant, such as wooden fiber insulators, termic cement and paints and low termic transmission rebored blocks, are all eco-friendly.

We used systems which take advantage of sustainable sources (photovoltaic and solar-termic panels), in addition to low energetic consumption installations (as led illumination systems, heat pumps and floor and wall heating in carbonium fibers and air treatment unity with heat exchanger).

The entire management of the building is controlled through the domotic system “Vantage”.

A particular attention has been reserved to the choice of the interior finishings, as the floors in Mao Bamboo, Luserna’s natural stone and hypoallergenic mattress, covers and pillows.
All this items made possible the achievement of the energetic class A+Gold.