Who we are

On the basis of everything, there’s a family. A Langhe’s family, similar to many, but close as few. We talk about Porellos’ and Cane’s, who got united thanks to Angelo and Eleonora’s wedding.
A family who made possible, thanks to the hard work of dad Carlo Porello and mom Rosa (called “blu grandma”), the walkings through the hazelnut trees and the wineyards but, above all, the complete building of the Residence Wellness Suite “Na Canunà”, made precious by the art works of Eleonora’s father, the painter Renato Cane, called Caren, supported by his nice wife Vilma.
And that’s the mood you can feel when you will be Angelo and Eleonora’s guests, in an familiar, warm, unformal and friendly atmosphere.


But what’s inside the origin of the name “‘Na Canunà”? And, above all, what does it mean?
“Na Canunà” is a Piedmont expression, litteraly “a cannon shot”, which indicates something exceptional and spectacular.
How can we as bestthe goodness of a great glass of wine Barolo? Easy,”Na Canunà”! How can we illustrate thelandscape that we enjoy every day, admiring our Langhe? “Na Canunà”! How can we describe in few words the incredible taste of the homemade “Tajarin” with the white truffle of Alba? “Na Canunà!”. That will be the exclamation of who will spend the night in the holiday house “Na Canunà!” Free wi-fi internet access, home automation, chromotherapy, sauna, automatic air purification system and more and more! What else can I say? Our Holiday House “Na Canunà”!